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Every car journey begins and ends with a parking space. And we believe in happy endings. The Spotscout platform lets you browse, book and pay for a space that suits you down to the ground, without having to rely on the goodwill of the Parking Fairy. Drivers are finally able to take charge of the process from A to Z and make their way from A to B, hassle-free.We’re huge fans of public transport, but sometimes, driving is the only option. The US Department for Transport predicts that car ownership will soar by 45 percent in the next 20 years, meaning more pressure on parking spaces and more frustrated drivers.

The world’s city streets are clogged with cars. By unlocking hidden off-street parking spaces, our goal is to ensure that every empty patch of tarmac fulfills its parking potential. This maximises the use of an asset in seriously short supply and helps cities function better.By providing spaces near stations, we’re making it easier for people to park near transport hubs. This enables drivers to travel by car for part of the journey and then switch to public transport – which is better than driving the whole way.



June 06, 2016